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Organizational Structure

Bandon Rain is 100% family owned, completely independent and managed by an accomplished group.

Mary Gant

(co-owner / head fermenter)

Mary was born in Washington state and previously lived in California working in the television industry and was a member of the Local 971 for Production Coordinators. Mary has a degree from San Francisco State in Television Production and Radio. Mary started making cider in 2014 with her husband Trevor. Mary has completed the Craft Cidery Startup workshop from Oregon State University. She also attended the Cider Academy held by the Cider Institute of North America at Eastern Washington University. Mary creates all the recipes, fermentation schedules and coordinates sales, and accounting.

Trevor Gant


Trevor was born in California but spent much of his childhood in Oregon before moving back to California to finish college. Trevor has a degree in Film & Video Production from the Art Institute of California. Trevor managed postproduction for large television shows for Comedy Central, Amazon Studios, NBC Universal, and ABC-Disney. He is a member of the Producers Guild of America. He started making cider as a hobby with his wife Mary in 2014. Trevor oversees day-to-day operations of the organization with an emphasis on distribution, filtering, and package design.

Gary Gant


Gary is a native Oregonian, 3rd generation cranberry farmer for Ocean Spray. He currently runs his own business with his brother Steven and has successfully produced over 25 million pounds of cranberries in 31 years. He holds an elementary teaching degree from Western Oregon and has owned several successful businesses in California and Oregon. Gary also attended classes at eastern Washington at the Cider Institute of North America. At Bandon Rain, Gary oversees the production line and extensive mechanics and plumbing.

Karen Gant


Karen, a native Californian is also a cranberry farmer and previously managed a local bookstore in Bandon, Oregon that has been in business for over 20 years. Karen holds a Liberal Arts degree from Oregon State University. Karen has worked with Gary for 31 years growing cranberries for Ocean Spray. Karen has also grown a variety of apples for almost 20 years on our local orchard. Karen manages the social media and copyediting.

Greg Gant


Greg, like his brother, Trevor was born in California. He graduated with a Digital Arts degree from University of Oregon and resides in Portland, Oregon and works full time as Front End Web Developer / UX Engineer. While not involved in the day-to-day production, he assists when possible as the web developer, designer, brand consultant and representative.

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